• Experimental License "General Public" intended to Individuals

    Experimental License "General Public" intended to Individuals

  • Acheter
  • Commander
  • France Morilles S.A.S.

    Recherche et Développement, sélection variétale

  • Production de semence

    Vente de pots de semence de morilles

  • Licences d'exploitation

    Vente de licences d'essais et vente de licences


    Research and development, plant breeding
    Seed Production

  • Seed Production

    Sales morels seed pots

  • Operating licenses

    Sale of "licenses testing" and sale of licenses

Open all the year NOW

The sale of professional and individual licenses is now open all year round.

We offer our morel seedling spawn from the Elata clade:

  • for traditional sowing, carried out from the end of October - beginning of November
  • for late sowing (Brittany for example until the end of December),
  • for spring sowing / early sowing, particularly for the coldest localities in France, after the last major spring frosts.

Execution of orders

  • Orders placed before June 15 of each year for traditional sowing are given priority.
  • Orders placed after September 1st are for late sowing or spring sowing.
  • FOR INDIVIDUALS - GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSES - Orders placed after February 15 are processed and shipped from the third week of October of the same year.