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IMPORTANT - Reminder - Extract from the General Conditions of Sale
     Consumer Code

     Article L121-21-8 paragraphs 3 and 4

         Created by Law No. 2014-344 of March 17, 2014 - art. 9 (V)
         replaced by Ordinance No. 2016-301 of 14 March 2016 - art. applicable from 1 July 2016.

     The right of withdrawal can not be exercised for contracts:

     3 ° provision of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized;

     4. From supply of goods liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;


The license applications are to be performed preferably, from 1 February to 15 June inclusive, of each year.

     Note: morel seed is a living product, the limited life and duration of the limited capacity fruiting. We handle the living. It is nature that dictates its laws and its rhythm. We must be able to know and to determine in advance, starting on 30 June each year, the quantities of seed that we produce at the right time, according to the rhythm of nature. Here's why we ask you to please respect the imposed schedule and deadlines of June 15 for the nominations and 30 June for the last payments and license records. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


All license applications (and seed included in the price of the license) are subject to registration and creation of your completed contact form on our website.

WARNING ! Any registration, creating a personal profile and application incomplete license will be automatically rejected.

All entries, create a personal profile and license application implies acceptance of the confidentiality clauses.

Please do not forget to attach your compulsory good quality photos, about 360 ° environment around your future field of culture, a picture of your land in section in ± 15 to 20 cm depth (using a spade), a photocopy of your ID and a recent photo of yourself. To send your photos, use the link (1 photo per message).

• You can also make a batch of your photos directly using the following address But remember, in this case, to attach to your correspondence the reference of your order or your bill and your name or email address used for your registration on our website

• You can also send us your "large files" (photos) using the service at the following address: You then click on "Send file (s) to contact"

• All your tunnel dimensions of information must be indicated imperatively. For the measurement of place arch, you can use a spool of string and follow an arch of your tunnel from the ground, from one end to the other of the ark. The total length of the place of your arch is equal to string your place to follow the ark from one end to the other. The tunnel arch your point is the maximum height of your tunnel.


When you feel that your application form is complete and that you validate your information before using the "Save" button:

   1. Automatically, recording your card, you receive an email requesting confirmation of your registration on our website.
   2. When you confirm your registration, responding to email, your registration form is confirmed in the database of our website.
   3. We are automatically notified of the confirmation of your registration.
   4. When you complete your registration form by sending your pictures, recalling the reference of your name and your email address used to create your registration form on our website, your file is complete and we can process your candidacy application.

  5. After processing your application (analysis of your growing conditions, career, ...), you receive an email confirmation of acceptance of your application or motivated refusal.
If your application is accepted, you become a registered user and you have access to the full use of our website especially, you will have access to the means to place an order and payment for the purchase of a license including seed.
All orders and license payment must be made mandatory before June 30 of each year.
Any order paid implies acceptance of the license and its terms and entitles the user to operate the morel cultivation process and get all the assistance and support necessary to culture, as well as providing seed pots and pots booster corresponding to its acreage.
Any order that would be done after this period June 30, would be systematically rejected and canceled and incurred bank charges are at your expense.


The license sale price is excluding delivery costs of the seed of morel.

All shipping and return costs are the responsibility of the licensee.


Upon delivery of your seed pots and pots of your booster, in the presence of the driver, make sure the content and the delivery status of your package. Open your package before the delivery.


• We do not accept the packages returns, unless exceptions as defined below:

If you notice any abnormality, contact us immediately at +336 62 06 84 75 and make quality pictures of the package open in front of the driver to send us

You must also, in this case, a declaration by the carrier anomaly immediately.

We define anomaly, regarding pots, which are gutted and emptied of their contents or pots which 80% of the content would be contaminated with mold or bacteria or other contaminants.

• In such cases, alternative pots of return postage would be at our expense.

The shipping costs include handling and packing and postage costs. Handling fees are fixed at € 12 HT, whereas transport fees vary according to the total weight of the shipment carried out in 2 times (seed sent to the October-November period and boost the period December- January). We advise you to group your items in one order. We can not group two distinct orders and shipping fees will apply to each of them.


You only pay delivery when you order your booster pots: Pots boost are included in the price of the license, but not shipping. Shipping charges are your responsibility.

Seed orders and boosters pots can not be grouped; pots booster are not available to the same period that the seed pots. So you need to perform two separate orders.

Moreover, in a top-quality research interests of our expeditions, we favor reinforced packing dual groove, low height, to ensure maximum resistance during transport.

A second advantage of this packaging choice is to offer maximum choice of carriers, the best prices in delivery 24h / 48h. Indeed, carriers typically limit the weight of packages 20kg, 30kg, 70 kg see for UPS.

Finally, it is more comfortable and easier to handle a package that would weigh 20-22kg a package alone 80-100kg, for example.

Do not be-not worried / concerned: If you ordered your license and the seed and if you forget to order your pots separately booster, our services will contact you.

Thank you for your understanding.


Packages are generally shipped from the third and fourth week of October and are routed via UPS monitoring carrier, delivered without a signature or any other carrier of your choice. If you prefer delivery with signature, an additional cost will be applied, so please contact us before choosing this method. Whatever choice you make for your shipment, we will provide you a link to track your package online.

Your package is shipped at your own risk.

Special care is taken to protect the seed pots.

Boxes are amply sized and your morels seed pots are well protected.

• All boxes are labeled or printed with the standard word "Fragile".

Our advice: choose a fast carrier and quickly sow the seed of morels delivered under your tunnel.


From its delivery, you can keep the morels seed ten days maximum, protected from light, in a cool temperature for a crisper before sowing. The ideal is to sow seed in receipt of your package.
Without waiting. (Unless the weather conditions such as heavy rain, early frost met at planting. In this case, you may need to wait a bit before sowing ...).