About France Morels

Our company is a joint stock company, created in 2011.

Our job, working on living organisms, produce a fruit-seed quality and develop a new sector, that of growing morels and its outlets.



Objectives and means

Nature - Environment

The legend

  • Operating licenses commercialization
  • Production of quality fructiferous seeds
  • Agricol Tracking of each licensee
  • New agricultural value chain development
  • Support sales morels

Our team

Researchers with high added value (patents, plant variety)
Industrial associates in the food and agriculture (production, mechanization, processing, sale)
With perfect knowledge of traditional market players.

Cedric Min Louis

Maître Larmaraud et Jean-François ChaillouEquipe

Working to deliver as many opportunities for new agricultural culture.


"This year 2016 is a good year. We stopped counting after 500 morel mushrooms in our 275m2 tunnel. "

Jonathan & Rémy, Savoie, France.

I got my first morels 2 February 2016. It is perfectly amazing this early. "

Jean-François, Pays de Loire, France.