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Garden Kit 10m2 (without net shadow)


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Morels Garden kit

(for 10m2) (without net shadow)

Content: 4 boxes of seedling white

Packaging: Double-thickness cardboard

Dimensions: 25cmX25cmX25cm

Weight: 2kg

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Moyens de paiement

Data sheet

Dimensions 25x25x25 cm
Weight 2 kg
Compositions Mycelium + organics materials
Terms of use The white seedling morels is to use as quickly as possible. If you can not use immediately, keep in a cool place. (± 5 ° C). Ideal 10 days - maximum 20 days.

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Morels Garden kit - 10m2

for city gardens and small gardens


The cultivation of morels is primarily intended for professionals in agriculture and a knowledgeable and experienced public.

The cultivation of morels requires adequate equipment and adequate care.

The company France Morilles offers operating licenses for individuals (Consumer License), following your many requests.

  1. The license for individuals does not include crop monitoring.
  2. By taking a license for individuals, you make the choice to make your own experience of growing morels.
  3. A manual in pdf format (Culture itinerary) is provided with the license for individuals, which you will receive by email, after having paid the payment of your order.
  4. The rate base applied to the sale of Consumer license intended for individuals and including only the supply of white seedling morels is € 12.97 without VAT / m2 (then decreasing price depending on the chosen kit, with or without shade net ).
  5. The rate base applied to the professional license and including the seedling white morel + bags boosters is € 8.40 without VAT / m2 in year 1 (decreasing the following years and also depending on the cultivated area).

White seedlings morels elata

  1. France Morilles has been producing seedling white fruiting morel since 2012.
  2. The production is carried out in strict axenic conditions.
  3. Our mother strains are kept at INRA MycSA.
  4. Our fall seedling white is usually available from the first week of October until the third week of November, each year. (sowing in November - fruiting in spring).
  5. Spring sowing is also possible (sowing in the spring - fruiting the same spring).
  6. Our spring seedling white is usually available from January to April of the same spring.

Characteristics of seedling white

  1. White seedling morel elata, presented in pot. (Mycelium + substrate = seedling white).
  2. The organic matter substrate is the food of the morel mycelium.
  3. Our seedling white is only sold in pots.

Weight of a White seedling pot ± 0.450 kg.

Price of White seedlings / pot - General Public license

€ 27,42 without VAT / pot

€ 32.90 inc VAT / pot

Price per m2

€ 10.97 without VAT / m2

€ 13,16 inc VAT / m2

Minimum Order Quantity 1 pot.

Pack content

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    White seedlings morels elata Retail price: € 32.90 TTC Description: Pot of white solid seeding morels (mycelium + substrate) Weight: ± 0.55 kg / pot Each morel seedling white jar is intended for planting area of 2.5 m2 maximum.

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