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Experimental license "general public"


Experimental license "general public"

The experimental license "general public" allows individuals to learn about the culture of morels and eventually moving to experimental license "pro"

The experimental license "general public" is intended for personal use, fun and educational

The license includes the white seedlings morels for your order

Price: € 29.90 TTC

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Moyens de paiement
Moyens de paiement

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Principle and use of the Licence

The license ensures respect for industrial and intellectual property rights.

Warning :

The experimental license "general public" is intended for personal use fun and educational.

Morels that are derived from the culture are not intended for sale or resale by a third party.

seed pots are not for resale or transfer to a third party.

The experimental license "public" does not include the analysis of your property and its environment, or culture monitoring.

You are free to use our white seedlings above ground (tanks, basins, ...) or in the open ground.

The experimental license "public" includes:

- The license and the conditions of use of the license, you agree that once you make the payment of your license order.

- The amount of white seedlings morels for your license order.

- The instructions for use of sowing white.
Control of experimental license "general public"

  • To order your license, you must complete your registration card and indicate your delivery and billing.
  • Make sure you use an email address - valid email.
  • You will receive your license provided with a unique user code after payment of your order by email.

Features of morels seedling white

White seedlings morels elata, made in pot.

(Substrate mycelium + * = white seedlings)
* The substrate is food morel mycelium.

Terms of use

The morels seedlings of white is to use as soon as possible.
If you can not use immediately, store in a cool place. (± 5 ° C). Maximum 10 days.
Weight of a seedling of white pot

weight ± 0.55 kg.

White price of seedlings / pot

€ 27.18 HT / pot

€ 29.90 inc VAT / pot

Price per m2

€ 10.87 HT / m2

11.96 TTC / m2

Minimum Order Quantity 1 pot.


Cahier de culture

The growing book allows you to follow the evolution of your morel culture and to understand it. The growing book is essential. Her outfit is mandatory.

Download (34k)


Contract of Sale and License

Download (907.76k)