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Pot of Morels seeds

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Elata seed morels


The sale of seed pot unit is not available in the context of professional experimental license to cultivate morels. (Order only in pack 10m2 and 100m2).

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Moyens de paiement
Moyens de paiement

Data sheet

Dimensions Ø Diameter 12 cm - Height 13 cm
Weight ± 0,550 kg
Compositions Mycelium + organic materials
Properties Mother FM
Terms of use Morel seed is to be used as soon as possible. If you can not use immediately, store in a cool place. (± 5 ° C). Maximum 10 days.

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  • ONLY SOLD IN THE CONTEXT OF A PACK 100, 200, 300 m2, and multiple ...
  • The professional experimental license starts from 100 m2 cultivable.
  • The Pack 100m2 license corresponds to a cultivable surface between 80m2 and 100m2.
  • The 100m2 Pack takes into account irrigation ditches / footfalls.
  • So for an area of ​​100m2, we arbitrarily remove 20% of this area that is used by the irrigation ditches / footfoot.
  • In reality, morels can also grow in the counted area of ​​ditches.
  • Thus 100m2 - 20m2 = 80 m2 of cultivated area per 100m2 of floor space under tunnel.

Note: 20% is an arbitrary number; the area used by the irrigation ditches occupies an area generally between 10% and 15% of 100m2.

White seedling of Elata clade morels

  • France Morilles has produced fertile white seedling morels since 2012.
  • The production is carried out in strict axenic conditions.
  • Our parent stocks are stored in INRA MycSA (Mycology and Food Safety).


Our seedling white is usually available every year from:

General case and late sowing

  • Between 1 October and 20 October generally, for the coldest places with a risk of early frost (or temperatures below 5 ° C in November, usual month of sowing) (mountains from ± 1000 meters of altitude)
  • Between November 1st and the end of the third week of November (general case)
  • From November until the end of December for Brittany and Channel / Atlantic area (temperate climate without frost during winter).

Early sowing

  • From February to April, generally, for mountain areas and cold regions, after the last frosts (or snowmelt) and enjoying temperatures that do not exceed 25 ° C in the air, after sowing, on a period of two months.

Pots / Booster Bags
are generally available from mid-December of each year (except in the case of early and late sowing, where deliveries are made on other dates, defined on a case-by-case basis).


• Payment cards are usually capped at 500 € / week or 1500 € / month. Ask your bank for your cap, as there is often a special ceiling for internet purchases.

• We advise you to use payment by bank transfer. In addition, payment by transfer is less expensive.


  • Shipping costs consist of packing costs (packing cartons, tape, stuffing / lining) and handling charges.
  • Shipping costs are in addition to the price of 100m2 Pack, as the transport costs.


  • The sum of the prices of the products of the pack 10m2 is equal to 76.56 €; It is reduced to 60.00 € arbitrarily.
  • Indeed, the necessary amount of seedling per 10 m2 is 4 pots of white (2.5 m2 x 4), from which we remove the surface used by the irrigation channels / footfoot (20%); Thus, each pot representing 25% of 10m2, we will not produce smaller pots to answer the exact with the subtraction of -20%.
  • That's why we rounded up to 4 pots of white instead of 3 pots, for the price of 80% of the 10m2 Pack.