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Accompaniment - Initiation - Training

Our areas of expertise

MorilleVerySmall.jpg Selection and terrain analysis

MorilleVerySmall.jpg Irrigation solutions using the environment

MorilleVerySmall.jpgChoice of equipment required for installation

MorilleVerySmall.jpg Culture driving (distance and onsite)

MorilleVerySmall.jpg Harvesting techniques, storage, preservation

MorilleVerySmall.jpg Salesmanship, marketing and business development


Our support can range from a simple advisory mission to track your year round operation.

We welcome you on one of our farms and we will make travel on the operating site.


Pricing method applicable for the service

MorilleVerySmall.jpg Package / day on one of our farms (the nearest you)

MorilleVerySmall.jpg Day traveling on your operating site


These expenses are financed by the funds of the vocational training of farmers (FAFSEA).

In other cases by job center. Contact us for more information.

Enquiry - Financing of training

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