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Year1 - Pack100m2 Pro experimental license with VAT- White seedling + boosters


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Pro Experimental operating license

Year one - With VAT -

"Pack 100m2 cultivable" - White seedling morels + boosters + guide of cultural practices + monitoring

  • Mix of strain for first-year licensees
  • Total weight: 14,4 kg + 20 kg + 0,2 kg = ± 34,6 kg

0.45 kg X 32 = white seedling
0.25 kg X 80 = boosters

Cardboard packaging 0.2 kg

Shipped in 2 times:

         November, for seedling white
         December, for boosters

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Moyens de paiement

Data sheet

Weight 34,6 kg
Compositions Mycelium + organic materials
Terms of use Morel seed is to be used as soon as possible. If you can not use immediately, store in a cool place. (± 5 ° C). Maximum 20 days.

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Exploitation License


Experimental License of Professional Exploitation and License of Professional Exploitation.

  • The professional experimental license starts from 100 m2 cultivable up to 500m2.
  • The experimental license lasts 2 to 3 years and must be renewed each year during this period.
  • The price of the professional experimental license, from year 2, is set at €7.60 excl. VAT/m2, when the cultivated area is less than 1000m2.

  • The professional operating license (from 100 m2 to 10,000 m2) is intended for "confirmed" licensees; ie to all licensees who have completed at least one year in an experimental professional operating license and more generally 2 years in an experimental professional operating license. Exceptionally, a 3rd year in experimental license can be granted to a licensee, on derogation, on a case-by-case basis.
  • The professional operating license is automatic: Each licensee, after 2 years of experimental license exercised, regardless of the cultivated area from 100m2, automatically passes into a professional operating license.
  • The professional operating license is generally provided for an area between 100 m2 and 10,000 m2 (1 hectare) at most.
  • The price of the professional operating license for morel cultivation is set at €6.50/m2, for an operating area of ​​between 1,000 m2 and 5,000 m2.
  • The price of the professional operating license for morel cultivation is set at €5.75/m2, for an operating area of ​​between 5,000 m2 and 10,000 m2.
  • The price of the professional operating license remains at the price of €7.60/m2 for an area of ​​less than 1000m2.
  • The price includes:
  1. the acquisition of the license, including the supply of morel seedling blanks and boosters necessary for the cultivation of morels,
  2. the supply of a guide to cultural practices,
  3. a culture book to be kept up to date by each licensee
  4. and update of a set of photos taken by each licensee, particularly the colonization of the land by the mycelium, then for the entire period of fruiting,
  5. and the support of the culture during its development, excluding shipping costs and transportation.

Working of the PRO operating license

  • The professional operating license operates under the same general conditions and obligations as the experimental professional operating license.
  • 2 differences related to the business license:
    • The duration of the license is generally granted for 5 years renewable (instead of 1 year renewable under the experimental license), according to presentation of an investment plan realized for the extension of surface of culture (whose table of depreciation and copies of investment invoices)
    • 10% of the amount of sales of morels resulting from the cultivation made by the license holder under a professional exploitation license are paid to France Morilles, in the form of a royalty (royalties).

Terms of payment of royalties

  • The payment of the 10% royalties occurs, after the harvest and the sale of all the fresh morels marketed, on July 15th of each year, at the latest.
  • For dried, processed, frozen or chilled morels, the payment of the 10% royalties occurs annually, on January 15 of the following year (January 15 n + 1 year), after the holiday season, conducive on sale morels out of expenses.
  • All royalties payments are made by transfer only, by each licensee in business license and to France Morilles.
  • Each transfer order must stipulate the mention "royalties on license + date of the day".

Allocation of the fee (royalties)

  • Creation of a cooperative or a GIA (Agricultural Interest Group).
  • Development of basic research and applied research.

Vocation of the "cooperative" of licensees producing morels

  • Harmonization and development of Short Circuit Distribution
  • Defend a stable selling price to ± 100 € / kg fresh morels
  • Develop outlets for short-circuit sales
  • To develop the image of the soils around the creation of labels "Terroirs of France", "Terroirs of Belgium", "Terroirs of ...".
  • Develop these labels internationally
  • Allow bulk purchasing management
  • Development of new production tools
  • Develop an insurance system, in case of "natural disaster" related to the specificities of the culture; that is to say, at first, to allow any licensee, under License of Professional Exploitation, victim of the wind or another major climatic event and whose harvest would have been annihilated, to "leave" the following year providing it with operational equipment and / or assistance to start a new crop year.
  • Organize the profession of "Moriculturist men" and "women Moriculturist", in the perspective of offering additional social rights to all the licensees involved in the development of this new economic sector, in the field of agriculture, such as a supplementary pension fund

Animation of the cooperative or GIA

  • As the name suggests, it is a cooperative or a group of agricultural interest, therefore animated by all the licensees in Professional Exploitation License.
  • It is the possibility for each of our licensees to become "associate" of France Morilles.


  • The number of licenses granted, whatever the license is the invoice number obtained during the payment of the license price.
  • The Professional Exploitation License starts from 1000 m2 cultivable (= tunnel surface) up to 10.000 m2 (1 hectare).
  • The range of PRO PACK licenses are all Professional Exploitation Licenses.
  • The Pack 100m2 license corresponds to a cultivable surface between 80m2 and 100m2.
  • The 100m2 Pack takes into account irrigation ditches / footfalls (pass-feet).
  • So for an area of ​​100m2, we arbitrarily remove 20% of this area that is used by the irrigation ditches / footfoot (pass-feet).
  • In reality, morels can also grow in the counted area of ​​ditches.
  • Thus 100m2 - 20m2 = 80 m2 of cultivated area per 100m2 of floor space under tunnel.

Note: 20% is an arbitrary number; the area used by the irrigation ditches occupies an area generally between 10% and 15% of 100m2.

White seedling of Elata clade morels

  • France Morilles has produced fertile white seedling morels since 2012.
  • The production is carried out in strict axenic conditions.
  • Our parent stocks are stored in INRA MycSA (Mycology and Food Safety).


Our seedling white is usually available every year from:

General case and late sowing

  • Between 1 October and 20 October generally, for the coldest places with a risk of early frost (or temperatures below 5 ° C in November, usual month of sowing) (mountains from ± 1000 meters of altitude)
  • Between November 1st and the end of the third week of November (general case)
  • From November until the end of December for Brittany and Channel / Atlantic area (temperate climate without frost during winter).

Early sowing

  • From February to April, generally, for mountain areas and cold regions, after the last frosts (or snowmelt) and enjoying temperatures that do not exceed 25 ° C in the air, after sowing, on a period of two months.

Pots / Booster Bags
are generally available from mid-December of each year (except in the case of early and late sowing, where deliveries are made on other dates, defined on a case-by-case basis).


• Payment cards are usually capped at 500 € / week or 1500 € / month. Ask your bank for your cap, as there is often a special ceiling for internet purchases.

• We advise you to use payment by bank transfer. In addition, payment by transfer is less expensive.


  • Shipping costs consist of packing costs (packing cartons, tape, stuffing / lining) and handling charges.
  • Shipping costs are in addition to the price of 100m2 Pack, as the transport costs.

Pack content


Cahier de culture

The growing book allows you to follow the evolution of your morel culture and to understand it. The growing book is essential. Her outfit is mandatory.

Download (34k)

Licence Contract Pro

Experimental license for professional exploitation Sales contract and full experimental license. Your assigned license number is your unique invoice number.

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